Registration/Scholarship Form (Grade XI-2021/22)

Eligibility to apply:
Science : Minimum 2.0 GPA, C+ in Science & Mathematics; D+ in other subjects.
Agriculture Science : Minimum 1.6 GPA, D+ in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Nepali.

Management/Humanities : Minimum 1.6 GPA , D+ in English, Mathematics, Social Studies & Nepali.

Basic Information
Academic Details (Grade X)
New Curriculum for Grade XI
Optional Subject for Science
  • Group-A- Physics
  • Group-B- Biology
  • Group-C- Chemistry
  • Group-D- Environment Science/Maths/ Apiculture & Sericulture
Optional Subject for Management
  • Group-A- Accounting/ Hospitality Management
  • Group-B- Business Studies
  • Group-C- Marketing
  • Group-D- Business Maths / Finance / Co-operative Studies / Hotel Management
Optional Subject for Humanities
Naturopathy/Human value/ Psychology/Rural Development/Gender Studies/ Jurisprudence and Legal Theory/ Hospitality Management.
Ayurbed/Population Studies/Sociology/ Food and Nutrition/Procedural Law/Computer Science/Philosophy/Linguistic.
Fashion Designing/Livestock, Poultry and Fish Farming/ Yoga/ Culinary Arts/Tourism and Mountaineering Studies/Sewing & Knitting/ Gerontology & Care Taking Education/Constitutional Law/Economics/ Culture/English/Nepali.
Beautician & Hair Dressing/Applied Arts/ Apiculture & Sericulture/ Co-operative Studies/ Hotel Management/ Buddhist Studies/Internal Decoration/ Human Rights/Painting/General Law/ Mass Communication.
For Online Class (If Necessary)
Scholarship Information